Massage therapist Coto de Caza

Welcome. We are a full service wellness and beauty spa. The Soleil Massage Spa offerings are taken from a fusion of cultures, integrating eastern and western rituals and techniques. The Soleil Massage Spa blends ancient wisdom with traditional and modern techniques, offering an abundance of personal comforts and results-oriented skin, body care. We endeavor to make your visit a care-free escape from your daily, hectic schedule. Recalibrate. Renew. Rejuvenate yourself as you experience this Sanctuary for your Senses.

Upon entering The Soleil Massage Spa you are instantly transported to an atmosphere of peaceful comfort and hospitality. Take a mini vacation as you are cared for by our professionally trained and licensed staff. Your comfort and satisfaction is our highest priority.

Massage Coto de Caza

With an array of massage styles ranging from Swedish to Aromatherapy and hot stone, there is something for everyone here at Soleil Massage Spa.

Swedish Massage from $45

30 Minutes – $45
60 Minutes – $70
75 Minutes – $85
90 Minutes – $100

Relaxing and long flowing movements are used to reduce muscle tension and increase circulation to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Deep Tissue from $75

60 Minutes – $75
75 Minutes – $90
90 Minutes – $110

Is your sore, aching body craving some extra attention? If so, you may benefit from an assortment of techniques aimed at reducing pain and aiding in recovery.

Sports from $80

60 Minutes – $80
75 Minutes – $100
90 Minutes – $120

After a long day out on the field or a hard session at the gym, take the time you know you never do to stretch and cool down those muscles. By blending an assortment of stretches, deep tissue work, and relaxing movements, you can relax and repair your body without feeling the burn all over again.

Aromatherapy & CBD from $80

60 Minutes – $80
75 Minutes – $95
90 Minutes – $110

Escape to wherever your happy place is by being annointed in only the finest essential oils. Essential oils often possess properties beneficial to the body, mind, and soul.

Reflexology, Acupressure, and Tui Na from $80

60 Minutes – $80
75 Minutes – $95
90 Minutes – $110

Originating in ancient China and still practiced today around the globe, reflexology focuses on working points in the hands or feet to alleviate stagnations, or pain, throughout the body. Acupressure, the whole body counterpart to reflexology, focuses on stimulating similar points all over the body to ease a variety of conditions or muscle pains, and increase the flow
of chi.

Pre-Natal Massage from $75

60 Minutes – $75
75 Minutes – $90
90 Minutes – $105

So often mothers-to-be neglect the one thing that matter most-their bodies! With specific training to best understand the nuances and changes that occur during pregnancy, our therapists focus on alleviating both swelling and soreness through Swedish style massage work specifically tailored to you and your little one.

Hot Stone Massage from $90

60 Minutes – $90
90 Minutes – $125

Sink into deep relaxation and peacefulness while you enjoy this treatment. Hot stones are strategically placed to target tight or aching muscles. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles and allows the therapist to penetrate deeper muscle tissue. This treatment promotes relaxation, improves circulation, and releases toxins from the muscles. It reduces chronic pain, and also benefits people who suffer from insomnia or depression.